About Us

About Us


We are an online community and informational website for women farmers, homesteaders, and gardeners. United Farmgirls is committed to sharing wisdom on all the topics from growing food to animal caretaking to agricultural business to taking great care of your family, home and self. We believe that women have the power to make the world a greener place one garden plot at a time. United Farmgirls celebrates and supports that power.

Meet Our Top Writers


    Kristle Chester


    Kristle Chester lives in southern Georgia with Dex, the spastic spaniel, and three chickens, who miraculously survived the day Dex discovered that chickens are birds. Most mornings, you’ll find her digging in the dirt, picking peas, or staring at the watermelons. She’s yet to learn that watched watermelons never grow. As a freelance writer, she’s always looking for new projects.

      Krista Lawson


      Krista Lawson is a follower of Christ, a homeschooling mom, and a recovering caffeine addict. She loves living the simple life on her Blue Ridge Mountain homestead with her husband and daughter. Her family shares their homestead with three dogs, 8 cats, 12 chickens, and a few goats. Spending time outdoors is one of her greatest joys. Her hobbies include gardening, hiking, and nature photography.

      Krista recently retired from a 22-year career in the pet care industry, and now focuses on her writing and graphic design company, Creation Is Art, full time. Writing is her passion and she is an avid blogger. She enjoys sharing her passions and interests with others through her writing and graphic designs. She specializes in creating SEO content and social media graphics for online entrepreneurs.

        Kenzi Wood


        Kenzi is a marketer and writer in San Antonio. When she isn’t glued to her computer, you can find her cooking up a batch of yogurt or tending to her raised bed planters.

        Kim Wong-Shing


        Kim Wong-Shing is a writer in New Orleans, LA. She grew up in Philadelphia and attended Brown University. Her favorite things to grow are herbs, and she’s currently getting to know two sassy chickens named Patsy and Irma. She writes about beauty, identity, wellness, and lifestyle.



            the United Farmgirls Contributors

            A group of farmers, gardeners, travelers, parents, homemakers, homesteaders, and health conscience women (from across the country) who also contribute their authorship talents to this site.

              Site Management


              Dee Dee


              Dee Dee is an avid gardener, homesteader, and DIY’er. She is passionate about finding links between nutrition, lifestyle, and mental health. After caring for her family, market garden, and a menagerie of livestock on her homestead, Dee Dee serves on the board for Mental Health California Magazine, and is working on her degree in Sustainable Food and Farming.

                Erin Weaver


                Erin Weaver is a nature-loving writer from England who spent her childhood on farms, in stables, and chasing her dogs around muddy fields. These days, she enjoys crafting, travel, and thrifting for vintage treasures.

                    Molly Zaman

                    SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER

                    Molly Zaman is the Creative Director and Founder of Bearly Marketing – The Friendly Social Media Marketing Team. She is the Social Media Manager for all the United Farmgirls accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn) and specializes in ads design and promotion.