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People assume that you need acres and acres of land to be a homesteader. While land certainly gives you more options, acreage alone doesn’t make you a homesteader. In fact, city dwellers can be homesteaders just as much as folks in the country. Here are 4 ways to be a homesteader in an urban environment.

Food preservation

Have you ever tried pickling or canning your own food? Give it a try! Homesteaders always prepare for a rainy day, and that includes preserving our food. I used to live in a small, one-bedroom apartment, but I still was able to make jam.

And it’s okay if you can’t grow your own food. I had a north-facing apartment balcony for years and nothing would grow there. Try buying produce and meat from local homesteaders or farmers if you can, though. You’ll support fellow homesteaders and get a much tastier product!


Don’t toss your scraps! They can be composted for soil. While it helps to have an outdoor space for composting, you can opt for an indoor composter like this one. It controls the smell and makes it easier to compost.

That said, you can use some food scraps, like bell pepper tops and celery stalks, to make tasty vegetable stock. Simply toss vegetable scraps in a reusable bag and freeze. Once the bag is full, simmer the scraps in water until the flavor is to your liking.

Water conservation

You likely live in an apartment and can’t make huge changes to your water situation. That’s okay! You can still conserve water in an urban environment. I used to put buckets in my shower to collect cast-off water for my plants. If that isn’t up your alley, try installing water-saving showerheads in your bathroom.

Build instead of buy

Homesteading is all about self-sufficiency. Instead of going to the store to buy something you need, see if you can make it yourself. For example, instead of going to Whole Foods for a loaf of sourdough, can you make it yourself? Instead of buying a new scarf, can you learn to crochet one?

You don’t have to live an hour away from the city to be a homesteader. No matter your living situation, you can take steps right now to become a homesteader. Use these 4 tips to give urban homesteading a try!

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Thank you for sharing these tips. I especially like the one about saving your shower water for your plants. You can use this one no matter where you live.


I think it’s good to know all these tips. Never had I thought that much of homesteading. But anyway, thanks for the article. That brings me more perspectives and new knowledge.

Oh, we are all about…

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