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By Elizabeth –

We held our breath three years ago and followed a late life dream of buying a small farm in southeastern Minnesota, bluff country. Despite the ongoing challenges of my husband’s recovery from a brain tumor, we decided to dream the dream. And there it was, a lovely old neglected farm with leaning buildings and weathered boards. It was perfect. It needed lots of work and we needed to focus on something other than doctor appointments.

More than one relative raised an eyebrow on our decision to buy this busted up homestead, but what they didn’t realize is that this life would heal us in more ways than one. We garden, we repurpose old barn boards; we tend to animals and move around the land daily, refreshing our bodies with physical exercise.

In the last three years our well-being has flourished. I have continued as a vigilant caregiver along with developing so many skills of managing a small farm. We deal with the challenges of aging while living off a remote winding, gravel road, yet, we have become stronger instead of weaker.

With the constant calling of all the things needing attention on an old farm, it is rest that is one of the most important factors of our well-being. Everyday we make time to get horizontal for awhile. He needs the rest physically, and I need to quiet my busy mind. It works. Everything looks brighter after a rest, and we are rewarded with renewed energy for the next project or challenge facing us.

We continue to shift and adjust to my husband’s health challenges, but that’s in between finding the first green egg from our new chickens. It’s also in between making sure our pregnant goat has a heat lamp in the midst of another polar vortex weather pattern. I wish I could take back all the hours wasted on worry about moving forward with our dream under these circumstances. With smart choices and good judgment, it has proved successful. We live a frugal but happy life, up here on this rocky ridge which provides the healthy breeding ground of all kinds of positive vibes, completed tasks and a peaceful sense of well-being.

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