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Did you know that there are over 100,000 tiny homes in North America? With thousands more built every year, the tiny house movement is gaining traction, particularly with Millennials.

We know you can make homesteading work in an urban environment—what about a tiny house? Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of space to homestead. With the right amount of planning, you can turn a tiny home and a small plot of land into an uber-productive homesteading powerhouse. Follow these tips to make the most of homesteading with a tiny house.

It’s a great way to save money and have flexibility

Tiny homes usually measure 500 square feet or less. Many of them are built on wheels and can be moved around the country with a truck. If you’re a fan of off-grid living, tiny houses are the way to go.

They’re quite cheap to build and move wherever you go. You’ll be able to set up shop in a remote area without the pricey expense of building a full-size home first. It’s a great way to start homesteading on a budget!

Plan for your energy and water needs

As cool as tiny homes are, they have their downsides. Because your home is mobile, you aren’t connected to a power grid or sewer system. Tiny homeowners have to use alternative energy, like solar, to power their appliances, heaters, and AC.

For water, some homesteaders truck in buckets of water while others install water tanks. The water tank definitely makes it easier to survive in the middle of nowhere on a tiny homestead. Fortunately, you can limit your water intake by installing a small (not full-size) shower and using a composting toilet.

Build vertically

Tiny homes have limited square footage. While you’re always free to homestead outside, you might want to grow a few things indoors, too. If that’s the case, plan everything vertically. For example, some tiny homesteaders have zucchini or cucumber vines growing up their walls. Others stack plants on the stairs and others even build chicken coops that attach to the outside of the home. The options are endless!

The bottom line

The tiny house movement is gaining steam, especially among homesteaders. If you’re looking to downsize but enjoy the perks of self-sufficiency, consider opting for tiny house living.

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