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Don’t let the outside chill get you down! There are plenty of ways to be a productive homesteader from the warmth of your couch. Try these 5 homesteading projects to get on the right foot before spring comes.

Creative recipes

It’s so hard cooking for a family! While some folks are content to eat the same meals every week, my family likes to switch things up a bit. But that requires a lot of recipe research and planning.

Take advantage of the dark winter nights by planning meals. Look through your pantry to use up canned homesteaded treats or preserved meat in the freezer. Not only will you avoid a trip to the grocery store, but you’ll find new meal ideas and make the most of your homestead bounty.

Knit or crochet

Brrr! It’s chilly outside, and that means your family and friends want to suit up in scarves, hats, mittens, and more. If you keep sheep, consider turning their fleece into a thoughtful homemade winter accessory. Even if you don’t keep sheep, you can learn to knit or crochet this winter to keep your family warm.

If that’s not your speed, that’s okay! Use this time to mend your clothes. I like to sew patches on my gardening pants in the winter so they’re ready for the spring planting season.

Start seedlings

This is a task better suited for late winter, but consider starting your garden seedlings indoors. In my planting zone, we have to put seedlings in the ground in late February to have a spring harvest. That means I need to start seedlings in January!

Visit our Planting Guide or pick up a copy of your local Farmer’s Almanac to see what you can start growing indoors. If you time it just right, you could have a better spring harvest.

Indoor animals

Like plant seedlings, some animals need to start indoors. This is especially true if you’re hatching your own chicks, who will need to incubate and live in a brooder for several weeks.

I have friends who also like to keep quail as a source of meat and eggs in the winter. Quail require little space and are often kept in a warm garage in the winter.

Homestead planning

By the way, do you have a plan for your spring homestead? If not, now’s the time to get cracking! Draw a map of your homestead and plan what you want to plant, and where. If you keep animals, make a plan for where the animals will live, eat, and play. Consider if you need to rotate their pens or switch grazing pastures. (Visit our Resources section for help in getting started.)

The bottom line

A lot of homesteading tasks halt during the winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit around twiddling your thumbs. Instead, try these fun projects to keep yourself productive and sane during the chilly winter months.

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