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Many people find themselves accumulating way too many T-shirts from an assortment of college clubs, corporate team-building workshops, 5K races, and just your everyday lifestyle on the farm. Rather than let these T-shirts take up place in your dresser, why not put them to good use? Here are six DIY ideas to breathe new life into your T-shirt collection.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Go green with your old T-shirts by making reusable shopping bags. Simply sew the bottom hem shut, cut off the sleeves, and add a sturdy strip of fabric through the armholes to make a shoulder strap. Voila! You have made your very own reusable shopping bag.

T-shirt Tote Bag

Rag Rugs

If you have a pile of 20 or more T-shirts to burn through, this is a terrific winter project that will freshen up your home. Cut the t shirts into thin strips, stretch, and make braids. Feel free to play around with color combinations. Then, coil your braids and sew as you go. Another method is to crochet the fabric strips using a wide-gauge crochet hook.

Make a Braided T-shirt Rug

Braided Headbands

Make a stylish headband to keep your hair out of your face when you hid the gym. Braid fabric strips to get a soft, stretchy and stylish custom-made headband. Add buttons or bows to create a cute detail.

DIY headbands how-to

Tailor for a Better Fit

Maybe you have one special shirt that you actually like… or you would, were it not for the boxy cut. Why not tailor your T-shirt to fit better? For this project, find a shirt that fits you well. Lay it flat on top of your T-shirt (inside out) and trace the side-seams with a pen. Cut along the lines, re-sew. You have just made a cute, girly T-shirt! T-shirts can also easily be converted to flirty tank tops.

A Better Fitting T-shirt

T-shirt Quilt

Quilting is a wonderful folk art that repurposes fabric scraps into beautiful, cozy blankets. This is a great project for someone who would like to savor the memories associated with their fun T-shirts that you just can’t let go of.

Quick and Easy T-Shirt Quilt


Why purchase expensive cleaning cloths and paper towels? Plain cotton fabric works just as well, and if you use old T-shirts for cotton rags, you won’t have to pay a cent. Cut up old, torn and stained T-shirts into rags for household cleaning.

4 Rags From 1 Shirt

T-shirts provide excellent material for crafts and DIY projects. If you don’t have enough T-shirts of your own but you’d like to try one of these projects, try hitting up a local secondhand store where T-shirts can usually be purchased for only a few dollars. Have fun!

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