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It’s that time again, homesteaders! As we shake off the revelry and mental cobwebs of the holidays, it’s time to get back to work.

Before we dive in, it’s important to remember regular maintenance is critical on the farm. Not only will this keep your things tidier, but also more productive throughout the year.

Here are my favorite tasks to start the new year on the right foot.

1. Set your goals and plan

The best way to achieve success is to set goals. Assess how your farm performed last year. What went really well? What did you enjoy? What didn’t go well? If you want to change anything, now’s the time to take action.

You’ll also need to create a work plan for the year. Plan when and what to plant, when to take animals to slaughter, and when to conduct maintenance on all components of the homestead (outbuildings, farm vehicles, shop/garage, house gutters, etc.).

Oh, and also set a budget! If you homestead professionally, you’ll need to mind your budget to stay profitable all year.

2. Pruning

Depending on your trees and climate, it might be time to prune your trees. Pruning is a critical way to control the growth of your trees. It can even affect your crop output.

When in doubt, look up YouTube tutorials on tree trimming, or consult a trusted local arborist.

3. Clean your tools

Did you forget to clean and put away your tools last fall? Well, now’s the time to think about getting them cleaned and ready for use. Give trowels, boots, rakes, knives, and more a good washing. Tune up your tractor, mower, baler, or any other equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Planting and harvesting will be much easier with clean tools.

4. Find a reputable vet

If you don’t already have a veterinarian, then you need to get to know one. You may not realize it but many animals get sick when the weather warms up. Have a trusted vet on speed dial before the busy spring season.

If you don’t want to take the animals to a vet, stock up on vaccines, wound dressings, medicines, or even your own homemade treatments. Ensure you’re educated and experienced in treating your animals beforehand.

5. Order bulk supplies

Running low on bulk flour or grain? Use the start of a fresh, new year as your cue to stock up. Look through your pantry or stockpile to see where supplies are dwindling. If you don’t grow/process your own then try ordering pantry foods in bulk to save money and fuss. Invest in food-safe bins so you have a place to store everything.

The new year is a time of renewal. Get off on the right foot with these tasks and stay organized. You’ll be very happy you did!

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Oh, we are all about…

Not Accomplishing Your Business Goals? Here’s Why

No doubt, you have a business goal. Maybe you want to start a company or write a book. You think about your goal often, but don’t turn your dream into a reality. You imagine you’ll take action one day, but that day never comes. Sound familiar? You can be sure there’s a reason you’re not accomplishing your aim.

Your beliefs hold you back

Limiting beliefs will stop you moving ahead if you don’t smash them. First, though, you need to recognize them. Typical examples of views that prevent people reaching their goals include not being intelligent enough and not having time. The truth is that you are sufficiently bright and you can fit your ambition into your life.

Examine your beliefs about money, time, success, and your ability to achieve your goal. Ask yourself if your views are realistic and where you got them. You may have picked them up from the mistaken ideas of others. Or, you may have undervalued your resources and talents. Consider the concept that nothing can stop you moving ahead. Look at reasons you can carry out your business aims rather than looking for setbacks.

You fear failure

Sure, it’s safe in your comfort zone. From a place of comfort, you can kid yourself you will achieve your goal in the future. You never will, though, if you worry about failing and what people think of you. Bear in mind successful business people make mistakes. Most of them fail many times before reaching the top of the ladder; this is how they learn. Change your attitude toward making errors. Choose to see getting things wrong as lessons that help you flourish.

It’s too much effort

There’s no getting around it; accomplishing your business goal requires sacrifice. You might have to reduce your social life and relaxation time. Additionally, you will need to expend energy. None of these things sound like fun. However, you have to take action to get what you want. Think about how things will change for the better when you carry out your business aim. You might have a better quality of life, more income, and greater satisfaction. Aren’t such benefits worth the effort?


Perhaps you have taken steps toward your business goal but haven’t got far. You’ve tentatively looked at how to move ahead but not developed a plan. If so, it’s time to make a serious commitment. You’ll benefit from creating a timeframe in which you expect to make progress. Also, aim to shift closer to success each day, and you’ll advance.

You might not have accomplished your business goal yet, but you can change matters. Smash limiting beliefs and develop the courage to climb outside your comfort zone. Also, commit to your aim and plan how you will succeed. Remember how you’ll benefit, and you’ll stop daydreaming.

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