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You’ve probably heard about most of these tips designed to lower your heating bills before now, but you might have gotten lax in following them. After all, it isn’t always easy to do what you know is best, particularly if you are the only one in the family actually handling these extra chores. Refresh your memory and take a look at the following ways to lower your heating bills at least by a little bit this winter.

Optimize Your Curtain Use

Obviously, you already know that curtains are designed for more than simply keeping your neighbors from snooping on you. They can also keep the cold out as well as letting the warmth of the sun’s rays into your home. Just remember to open your curtains during the day when the sun is out and close them at night when the outside air takes on a chill as the sun disappears temporarily.

Dodge the Drafts

Drafty doors and windows cool off your indoor air no matter how high you have the thermostat set. Buy an inexpensive draft dodger for every door that opens to the outside, and remember to use them. While you are at it, purchase a few weatherstripping kits and do away with drafty windows.

Close Egress Doors Quickly

Whether you are entering your home through the front door or coming in from the garage, it is important to close doors quickly to minimize how much cold air you let into your home. Even if it is easier to allow the door to remain open because you need to make several trips to the car to get your groceries, take the time to close it in between trips. You’ll reduce the amount of cold air that gets inside while also reducing your heating bill at the same time.

As the cooler air approaches, you might want to review all of your strategies for keeping your home comfortably heated. Not only will you be more comfortable but you will also save money on your heating bills.

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