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by Erin Weaver

There’s a lot to be said for spring cleaning. It feels good to brush away the cobwebs and bring some life back into your home, but you don’t need to wait until the flowers are blooming to do it. Winter is the perfect time to get organizing, particularly on farms and homesteads. Things are generally winding down as the cold weather sweeps in, which means less time outdoors and more opportunities to focus on your home.

Some home organization activities are perfect for the winter, so why not tackle them before the spring rolls around?

Make A Charity Donation Box

Winter is usually the season when you’re at home the most, so it’s all too easy to recognize excess clutter in your house during these months. Instead of sitting around and bemoaning all the stuff you’ve accumulated, sift through your belongings and make a box of items that you can donate to charity.

Get Rid of Old Kitchen Utensils

You’re probably gathering with family and friends more often during the winter, which means one thing – food! In the run-up to all that winter cooking, take stock of your kitchen cupboards and sell, donate, or throw out any utensils that you no longer use or have room for.

Look Through Your Pantry

The same thing goes for your pantry too. Really get in there and figure out which items are out of date, which are never going to get eaten, or which you could start using more often. This will give you more space, neater cupboards, and new meal ideas too.

Sort Out Your Calendar

Winter is a good time to plan out your calendar for the months ahead. This gives you a chance to plan out farming activities, make necessary appointments with doctors, dentists, vets, and whoever else, and figure out potential rest periods.

Pile Up Unworn Winter Gear

Winter clothes, shoes, and bedding take up so much more space than flimsy summer-wear. If you’ve realized that there are certain items that simply aren’t getting used, don’t wait until next winter to expunge them. Put them in a pile and pledge to donate them or toss them out if they haven’t been used by the end of the season.

Deep-Clean Your Bathroom

Your bathroom can get particularly mucky during the winter – everyone’s getting mud-coated and rain-slicked out on the farm, and the cold weather makes you want to hole up in the shower for longer than usual. Take this chance to do a proper deep-clean of your bathroom to make it a shining sanctuary during this chilly time.

Don’t let your home become a pit of disorganization during the winter months. Use this time to work on the tasks that you’ll inevitably put off for the rest of the year, and feel bright and organized by the time spring arrives.

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