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Some benefits of working out are obvious; exercise keeps you fit, slender and allows us farm girls to continue doing what we do. Less apparent advantages, though, are just as vital for your well-being and shouldn’t be overlooked. Once you realize how exercising more can help you be happy and healthy, you’re more likely to want to put on your running shoes or visit the gym and just go for it.

The feel-good factor

You might not always feel terrific before working out. In fact, one of the reasons you don’t always want to make an effort to exercise may stem from low energy or being in a negative mood. When your blood starts pumping as you take action, though, the feel-good factor comes into play. Your body produces chemicals that increase vitality and improve your mental state.

Enhanced motivation

Have you ever noticed how people who exercise on a regular basis are motivated? You might imagine they were born with the enthusiasm to be productive and throw themselves headlong into life, but this isn’t the case. Working out improves your mindset, not just by making you feel better, but also by providing mental clarity. Exercise shifts the brain fog that makes you lethargic and uninspired. With a clear head, you want to be industrious and get things done.

Less anxiety

Exercise can reduce depression and worries. While you walk, run, or workout, your stress lifts; this is partially due to hormones but also stems from taking action. Most people sit around doing nothing but worry when they are down, which intensifies their condition. Getting up and moving leaves less time in which to fret and affirms you are positive rather than in a state of despair. Your brain responds by decreasing stress chemicals. Plus, being proactive by exercising helps you see you are capable of being effective, which means you can change your mood.

Boosts self-esteem

Exercise helps you stay in shape, and when you’re fit, you look and feel attractive. While your appearance isn’t the most important aspect of you, it does influence your self-image. The way you see yourself has an impact on how confident you are, so you succeed in life. Also, when you look awesome, you are socially confident and less concerned with your appearance. Instead of checking it every five minutes, you relax, safe in the knowledge you look fabulous.

Healthy love life

Your love life will improve if you exercise regularly. You’ll be more self-assured due to your beautiful body. Additionally, studies show women are more likely to feel aroused when they exercise often, and men suffer less from erectile dysfunction when working out is part of their routine.

If you want to feel terrific, worry less, and have greater confidence and motivation, plus a better love life, start exercising more. Of course, you’ll also enjoy the obvious benefits of working out, like better health and a fitter body.

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Is It Time to Take a Break? Know the Warning Signs of Heat Stroke

When the temperatures soar into the triple digits, you know that you need to take it easy, but how do you know when you can keep going a few minutes longer, or when you need to call it quits and seek the shade? In this oppressive heat, you need to know the early warning signs of heat stroke, so you can get out of the hot weather and take steps to protect yourself.

Heat stroke is a serious danger, and it is not something you should ignore. If you experience any of these heat stroke warning signs, you need to seek help right away.

Dizziness and confusion – If you suddenly feel dizzy or experience feelings of confusion, you could be experiencing the early states of heat stroke. The excessive heat takes a toll on your entire body, including your brain.

A throbbing headache – Headaches are a common sign of heat stroke, and often this kind of pain is the first symptom. If it is hot out and you experience a sudden headache, it is time to head for the nearest air conditioner.

Muscle cramps – The sudden appearance of muscle cramps is another early sign of heat stroke, and another one you should not ignore. These muscle cramps can happen when you are working in the hot sun, or even when you are sitting still.

A lack of sweating – When you are working in the heat, sweating is normal, and you should be concerned if the sweating stops. Sweat is your body’s way of cooling itself off, and when you are unable to sweat, your body temperature could quickly reach dangerous levels.

Shallow breathing – As heat stroke progresses, you may experience rapid shallow breathing, with can lead to shortness of breath. You need to seek medical help right away if you experience this serious symptom of heat stroke.

Rapid heartbeat – If you are experiencing heat stroke, you might notice that your heart is beating faster than it should. Rapid heartbeat is one of the most serous signs of heat stroke, and it is one you should never ignore.

Working outside in the summer sun can be wonderful, but it is important to know when enough is enough. If triple digits are in the forecast, you need to pace yourself, limiting the amount of time you spend outside, drinking plenty of fluids, and seeking the shade, or the nearest air conditioned room, when you start to feel too hot.

If you experience any of the heat stroke symptoms listed above, it is important to seek help right away. Heat stroke can be very dangerous, and delaying treatment could have serious consequences.

by beconrad

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