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Are you growing blueberries? If so, walk out to your garden and pick a cup to snack on. Guess what you just did? You gave yourself a boost of antioxidants. In fact, they have the highest concentration of antioxidants of any of the common fruits that people eat around the world. But how do the antioxidants help your body? Here are five ways that snacking on blueberries can benefit your health.

Reduced Cancer Risk

The body needs a variety of antioxidants to combat the damaging effects of free radicals. Blueberries are particularly high in a group of flavonoids known as anthocyanins, which are known to interact with the oxygen radical that causes damage to your DNA. Reducing this has many benefits to the body, including improved skin health and anti-aging qualities. Perhaps most significantly, it considerably decreases the risk of many types of cancer, such as that found in the breast, colon or on the skin.

Help Prevent Heart Disease

Blueberries are an excellent source of nutrition to help ward off the risks of developing many types of cardiovascular disease. The plaque that forms on the inside of the arteries is caused by the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (commonly known as ‘bad’ cholesterol) by free radicals. This narrowing of the arteries can result in life-threatening issues such as heart attack or stroke. The antioxidants in blueberries are particularly useful in not only preventing this buildup, but also removing the deposit once it has developed.

Increased Brain Function

Free radicals affect all parts of the body, and the brain is no exception. The antioxidants that are present in blueberries are understood to congregate around the centers of the brain linked to intelligence. Research suggests that regularly consuming blueberries directly improves cognitive ability, while also reducing the rate of age-related mental difficulties.

Prevent Urinary Infections

Like the closely related cranberry, blueberries are also excellent at preventing urinary tract infections. Both berries contain compounds called anti-adhesives, which act by preventing bacteria collecting on the bladder wall. This stops the buildup of any unwanted bacteria in the urinary tract and prevents infection.

Reduce Diabetic Effects

Like all fruits, blueberries contain a relatively high level of sugar compared to other food types. However, the benefits of blueberries seem to outweigh any negative effects this sugar brings about in people with diabetes. The anthocyanins within blueberries are known to have a beneficial effect on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which aids both people with diabetes, and those at risk of developing type-2 diabetes.

As well as these benefits, blueberries also contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients that help keep your body in top shape. However, like all healthy options, the key is incorporating them into a balanced diet and not assuming that the handful of blueberries at breakfast means you can get away with a fast food dinner.  Nevertheless, alongside other nutritious foods, and coupled with a regular exercise routine, blueberries can have a positive impact on your health.

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Now Is The Perfect Time To Visit Grenada

Stretches of untouched land, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water. What more could a vacationer ask for? The high-season (January to April) is the driest and less humid, making it the perfect destination for us farm girls who love to vacation this time of year. When visiting Grenada, its unparalleled hospitality is just one of the many reasons travelers flock to this enchanting island. From the flavorful cuisine to a culture that’s rich in well-preserved history, here are 8 reasons why a trip to the Spice of the Caribbean is a must.

Step Back in Time at Dougaldston Estate

Gouyave, Grenada is home to the Dougaldston Estate – a historical spice plantation that helped Grenada earn its nickname as the Spice of the Caribbean. Although the plant is partially abandoned, visitors are able to take part in demonstrations on how the spices were processed and harvested many years ago. Depending on the time of year, attendees can touch, smell, and taste the assortment of spices, including cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg, and cloves. It’s a truly unique experience that entails taking a glimpse back into time and learning more about the industry that drives the island’s economy.

A Stunning National Park

The interior of the island is where travelers will find Grand Etang National Park. It’s world-renowned for its breathtaking scenery, from the Grand Etang Lake to its scenic hiking trails. Guided tours, such as the Concord Falls Trail, will take hikers through native plants, rainforests, and swimming areas. Located high in the mountains, those who make the trek won’t be disappointed by this national park’s gorgeous waterfalls and the serenity of being in the midst of nature.

A Relaxing Lunch with a View

After taking a stroll along the pristine L’anse Aux Epines Beach, lunch at Bash Restaurant inside the Calabash Hotels and Villas is in order. They specialize in the midday meal, thanks to the head chef who infuses traditional Grenadian ingredients into savory dishes, such as the pumpkin and goat cheese risotto and the battered butterfish burger. Diners are able to take in the views of the ocean while relaxing in this restaurant’s quiet and charming open-air lounge.

Behold the Underwater Museum

A tourist attraction that should be at the top of every traveler’s itinerary is the Underwater Sculpture Park in Moliniere Bay in the capital of St. George’s. British artist Jason deCaires Taylor created this submerged masterpiece that includes 65 sculptures surrounded by a dazzling, artificial reef. Adventure lovers can snorkel or scuba dive at the attraction to get an up-close peek at each life-size figure, while glass-bottomed boat tours are perfect for families who want to enjoy this underwater exhibit.

Enjoy a Piece of History at the Grenada National Museum

Dating back to the late 1700s, the Grenada National Museum once housed a warehouse and three hotels. Today, the museum showcases exhibits and artifacts from the African slaves who were brought to the island by the French and English, whaling and fishing keepsakes and treasures from colonial times. To make the visit truly unique, the museum puts on live performances on the second Friday of each month, complete with poetry readings, dancing and jazz concerts.

Glorious Beaches That Are Perfect for R&R

More than 45 immaculate beaches can be found on the island, and one of the most well-known just so happens to be Grand Anse Beach. Despite its popularity, this beach is far from being overcrowded, and beachgoers can rest assured that they’ll have hours of uninterrupted rest and relaxation under the sun.

Indulge in a Doubles

Doubles originated from Trinidad and Tobago, but the fried deliciousness has become a staple in Grenada, as well. The breakfast consists of a fried flatbread that’s jam-packed with spicy chickpea curry, pickled green mango, and doused with tamarind and hot pepper sauce. Just one bite will automatically set taste buds on fire.

There’s Something for Everyone at Fort Frederick

Traveling up Richmond Hill leads to Fort Frederick. It was built in the 1770s and is in still in decent condition. Visitors will be hypnotized by the sweeping, 360 degrees view of St. George’s and the Carribean Sea, but the fort itself is a sight to be seen. Well-preserved, backward facing cannons are still in place as they were hundreds of years ago to protect St George’s from potential land attacks from its enemies.

These 8 attractions and excursions are perfect for first-time and repeat travelers of the island. By following this itinerary, a trip to Grenada is guaranteed to be the most memorable and fascinating experience!

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