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As a homesteader, you’re busy. You need an exercise routine that’s both fast and effective. Bicycle crunches will get the results you need in little time.

This highly efficient exercise maneuver might kick your butt at first, but it builds strength efficiently. If your goal is to get a four-pack, this is for you!


Strengthen upper, middle, and lower abs: This exercise targets all areas of your abs instead of just one, like traditional crunches.

Strengthen legs: Unlike traditional crunches, bicycle crunches also engage your legs.
Practice coordination and balance: Bicycle crunches teach you to balance and listen to your body.

How to do bicycle crunches:
  • To begin, lie flat on your back. Elevate your legs so your feet are perpendicular to the ground. Put your hands on the side of your head with your elbows facing forward.
  • Connect your right elbow with your left knee, then connect your left elbow with your right knee.
  • You can start off slow and then get faster. The idea is to mimic the action of pedaling on a bicycle.
  • Complete 20 crunches total before a 30-second rest. Repeat a second set.

If you’ve never done bicycle crunches before or you’re just starting with a workout regimen, don’t worry! Here’s a way to modify the exercise while you build up your strength. This modification takes the heat out of the crunches.

  • To begin, lie flat on your back.
  • Hold your right hand above your head. Lift your left knee towards your chest and connect it with your right hand.
  • Hold your left hand above your head. Lift your right knee towards your chest and connect with your left hand.
  • Repeat for 20 reps. Rest for 30 seconds and complete a second set. Don’t be afraid to move on to bicycle crunches once you’ve built up enough strength!

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I used to do over 50 bicycle crunches every day when I was younger. Now I find them extremely difficult to stick to. They really do work your abs like a charm!


Yes, an exercise routine that’s effective and fast is important but most of the time, I get too busy to even stick to my exercising routine. I like that this particular one builds strength efficiently.


I have never done any bicycle crunches before, even though I know it’s a very good exercise to keep yourself fit. I’m probably just too lazy. I always want to try but make excuses at the end.

Oh, we are all about…

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