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People often think of forgiveness as beneficial for the individual who is pardoned. Indeed, letting them off the hook can help them feel good. Exonerating others may also benefit you though. Additionally, when you stop blaming yourself for mistakes, you are free from stress and can learn from them.

Forgiveness helps you drop pain

Holding a grudge is hard. People can become crippled under the weight of anger and resentment. As they let go, the pressure lifts. They are free and recognize bitterness once held them in bondage. When liberated, they look at what caused their distress with new eyes and begin to heal.

Gain a healing perspective

When people’s emotions cloud with resentment, they can’t see the entirety of what’s occurred. They look at the situation with narrow vision. Their vision widens If they practice forgiveness. They can then recognize the suffering of whoever they once blamed for their anguish. Such understanding is healing.

Forgiveness isn’t the same as acceptance

It’s possible to forgive others without accepting what they did that hurt you. By forgiving, you don’t give them your blessing to mistreat you. Nor do you send the message that their behavior was okay in the past. When you forgive, you signal you’re ready to move on and learn from the experience. Doing so provides insight and awareness, which you can’t gain when you don’t let go of misgivings.

Why forgiving yourself is advantageous

People are often less forgiving of themselves than they are of others. They experience guilt and shame for past behaviors, which makes them ill and unhappy. When you forgive yourself, you are free from self-punishment. You might still wish you had behaved differently, but accept you can learn from your mistakes and not repeat them.

Forgiving yourself also helps you recognize others mistakes are part of a learning process too. You may not always like how they act, but you can see they do what they can with the knowledge they have at the moment. Knowing no one is infallible helps you feel compassion for them and yourself.

Forgiveness widens awareness and compassion. It provides an expansive view of the world and the behavior of others. When you forgive, you set yourself free from the burden of painful emotions that weigh you down.

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Oh, we are all about…

Renovating? Start Outside By Growing a Fruit Tree

If you’ve just moved into your dream home and don’t plan on moving for a while, then growing a fruit tree in your backyard is a great way to get started with renovating. Not only do fruit trees let you enjoy delicious produce once they’re fully grown, but they can add equity to your home, therefore increasing its value.

Choose Grafted Trees

If you intend to grow a fruit tree for tasty produce, I recommend that you buy a grafted tree rather than growing one from seed. If you intend to grow an apple, pear, peach or plum tree, grafted trees will work best because it takes out the uncertainty associated with growing from the seed. This tree is grown from a part of a fully grown tree, so you can be sure about how the fruit will turn out.

If you choose to order your tree, make sure to plant it as soon as it arrives if it’s a bare rooted tree. If it’s a potted tree, make sure to plant it when it’s dormant. On the other hand, it’s encouraged that you purchase one from a local nursery because they’ll have trees that are likely to grow well in your area.

Select a Spot

Choosing a place to plant your fruit tree is a tricky process because it requires you to take various factors into consideration. Firstly, you need to plant it in a place that allows it to get a good amount of sunlight because fruit trees need 6 hours of full sun to grow healthy fruit. Wherever you intend to grow your fruit tree, make sure that you aren’t growing any other plants or bushes nearby; otherwise, your young tree will have to compete with other plants for water.

Furthermore, consider the size of a fully grown tree before planting your young tree. This is because its size can cause a hindrance if it’s growing in the wrong place; its roots can spread as far as the branches so don’t plant it near the road.

Prep Your Soil

Fruit trees require good drainage because their roots are prone to rotting in soil that holds a lot of water. If your soil type has a lot of clay, you can till it and add organic matter like compost to increase its drainage.

Planting and Care

Plant your fruit tree in spring because this is favorable for most trees. During year one, water your tree on a weekly basis but make sure to water them frequently during hot weather. Choose a good fertilizer that’s specifically made for fruit trees, and apply it in the spring so that fruit can set right.

Prevent Pests

Pests become more of a problem during spring so spray dormant oil on your fruit tree in the last weeks of winter when it starts to get warm. In the spring, stay on the lookout for an infestation and use organic sprays whenever you see any sign of an infestation.

Prune Them

It’s important that you prune your trees often so that it produces healthy and sweet-tasting fruit. You can do so after harvest season by trimming the branches so that your tree has a good form. You may even need to thin out the produce growing on your tree to improve the size and taste of your fruit.

Most importantly, is that you remember to enjoy the process, you’re not only adding value to your property but growing the best-tasting fruit. Happy Farming!

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