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Get farm girl fit with these leg extension exercises! Leg extensions are one of those exercises that will help you do more on the farm and look great in your jeans.

When we’re working on the homestead, it’s important to have leg strength. Whether you’re picking up piglets, hauling hay, or just enjoying time outside with your kids, leg strength helps you keep going and going.

Leg extensions target the quadriceps muscles in your legs, which are on the front of your thigh. This exercise improves your kick strength, builds muscle, and is easy to do—no special equipment is required and you can do it anywhere.

How to do leg extensions safely:

  • If you have sensitive knees, do this exercise on carpet or with a padded yoga mat. You can also use a towel to protect your knees.
  • Get into a tabletop position. Get onto the ground with your hands positioned below your shoulders. Your knees your be positioned in line with your waist, with your feet behind you.
  • Start with your right leg. Keeping your toes flexed, kick your leg up towards the ceiling in a pumping motion. Remember to maintain control and move with purpose. Quality of movement will help you build more muscle. As a variation, you can also do the exercise with pointed toes to target different muscles.
  • Repeat again with the left leg, alternating legs until you complete 10 reps. Repeat for another set of 10 and rest.

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Thank you for this quick exercise. I tried it and it was easier in the video than doing it myself. I only finish 10 reps and my thighs felt the burn already. I think that is good.


I’ve seen other video tutorials for this kind of leg exercises where the legs move in horizontal line instead of a slight upward angle. Is one method more effective for building the muscles than the other? I feel like it’s more challenging to keep my legs in one horizontal line.


I have stopped going to the gym a while ago as I decided to start working out at home. These tips will come in handy for my routines. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, we are all about…

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