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The way you live your life can greatly influence whether you are happy or unhappy. If you’re striving for happiness in your life, the good news is it’s within your reach. Here are five things you need to stop doing if you want the best results.

Stop blaming others

If you always fall back on blaming others for why you’re unsuccessful or unhappy, you will never be happy. Blaming others is easy. If you don’t like how something in your life is going, you have to change it. You control what you allow in your life. If you have friends that are bad for you, you can either blame them for why you’re miserable or you can remove them from your life. If your job is a place you dread going, you can blame your co-workers or your boss or you can attempt to find a job that’s a better fit for you. Blaming others changes absolutely nothing and won’t result in happiness.

Stop holding on to anger

When someone does you wrong, it’s normal to be upset about it. If you hold onto this anger for too long, you are depriving yourself of happiness. Holding onto anger about someone else’s actions is allowing them to have power over you. Continuing to dwell over someone who cheated on you, lied to you, or was otherwise a not good to you will keep you unhappy.

Stop trying to make things that aren’t working work

It’s normal to want things to work out for the best, but they aren’t always meant to. Sometimes people or situations just aren’t right for your life. Attempting to force things to work won’t make you happy. It’s better to wait for the right thing to come along. It can be difficult to be patient, but in the end, you will be happier.

Stop hanging out with toxic people

Toxic people are ones who complain constantly, play the victim, gossip, and exhibit other negative behaviours. They can wear you down not only mentally and emotionally, but also drain you of your energy. No matter how positive a person you are, a toxic person has the ability to ruin that. The effects of hanging out with someone like this can last hours or days. If you recognize someone like this, it’s important to distance yourself from them if you want to be happy.

Stop living in a rut

Being comfortable in your life is good, but living in a rut and becoming complacent won’t make you happy. Doing the same things week after week, year after year is going to become boring. If you’re living in a rut, it’s time to make a change. Don’t shop at the same time at the same place every week. If you have to shop there, don’t stick to the aisles you’re used to. Take the time to explore. If you run or walk the same route, try a different one. You’ll see things you never exposed yourself to before. If you only read romance novels, try reading a mystery.

Happiness isn’t something anyone else can create for you. It can’t be taken away without your permission either. The choices you make in all areas of your life are what will determine your level of happiness.

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