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We love growing and cultivating plants. Trees, flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables, on a large farm, in the backyard, and even on the apartment balcony. And we should be aware of the health benefits of such activities.


Gardeners are actually exercising, like running, swimming or going to the gym. Access to fresh air enables the blood to flow freely, you burn more calories helping you to keep fit, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack.

Energy and Strength

Women who farm can endure more since farm work involves stretching, lifting and carrying heavy materials. Just pushing a wheelbarrow can strengthen your muscles and bones. Engaging in challenging activities really isn’t a challenge at all… you’re just stronger and can do a whole lot more.

Reduced Stress

Gardeners have proven to recover from stress and depression quicker since the levels of cortisol and stress hormones is drastically reduced while working in the garden. Research by CNN shows that when stressed, spending time in the garden drastically improves your mood than if you stayed indoors.

Proper Nutrition

Women farmers grow their own food; this food is fresh and has more nutritional benefits. Most of the time these plants are not sprayed, compared to food bought at the market and grown commercially. Research shows that gardeners eat more fruit and vegetables than the average person, building up immunity to illnesses. And the time spent out in the sun is your best source for vitamin D.

Better Relationships

The sense of care and goodwill helps women have a better and healthier relationship with other people. We spend much of our time taking care of everyone, it’s just how we’re built. Feeding our family and friends food grown on the farm is the ultimate expression of love. And the people in our lives know that, strengthening those bonds.

Tips for enhancing your gardening activities:

  • Raised beds can help reduce the risk of joint and back pain because you’ll be avoiding a lot of bending while planting, weeding or harvesting.
  • Always choose the right tools with the right weight for you. Heavy gardening tools can actually cause overexertion and swelling.
  • Take time to rest and relax every night. Don’t overdo it, you’ll strain both the mind and body which can have an effect on you, not just physically, but mentally too.
  • Chemicals not only destroy microorganisms in the soil necessary for plant growth but using it is harmful to our bodies. Try to find a natural alternative first and stay healthy.

Remember to think of gardening as a way to stay fit, mentally and physically. It really is a healthier way to live.

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Oh, we are all about…

How To Stay A Step Ahead Of Garden Pests

Nowadays, pesticides are widely used in the agriculture industry but surprisingly, we home gardeners make up a bigger percentage of synthetic pesticide users. To be clear, we use around three-fourths of the total chemical pesticides used per year. These can have negative effects on the surrounding environment, not to mention they contaminate the water supply.

But that’s not all, chemical-based pesticides can be harmful to use on the produce you grow in your garden. So why not consider stopping using pesticides altogether? Here’s something to keep in mind now and for next spring. Combat those pesky aphids and snails through organic pesticides and unique gardening techniques.

Keep Your Rows Away From Compost

It’s true that your beloved compost pit is the most resourceful asset of your garden, but if you intend to keep pests away from your precious vegetables and plants, then make sure to plant your rows away from the pit. That’s because your compost consists of biodegradable waste, which is mostly food matter, and that’s what attracts them in the first place.

Clean Your Garden Often

It’s important to keep your home clean so that it stays bug-free, and the same standard applies to your garden. Make sure to pick any vegetables or fruit that is fully ripe, because otherwise it’ll fall and rot, which attracts more pests.

Incorporate Row Covers

If you’re growing in rows, then an effective way to keep flying pests away from your product is to implement the use of row covers. It protects vegetables such as cabbage and is breathable at the same time so that you don’t compromise on growth, and keep loopers and moths away.

Use Neem Oil Insecticide

Finally, an insecticide you can spray on those awful pests. Neem oil is a natural insecticide that can kill pests whether they’re fully grown adults or larvae. You can purchase neem oil insecticide from any gardening store or make it at home. In one quart of water, add two teaspoons of fungicide neem oil and a little bit of mild soap. Shake the spray bottle well before using the mixture on the plants that are affected.

Use Insects That Eat Other Insects

Using the power of the ecosystem, you can effectively get rid of pests from your garden. After doing a little bit of research, you can learn about what species to keep in your garden to help keep pests away. Insects like lady beetles and the praying mantis are both effective at keeping your garden healthy.

Grow More and More

I’ve always reminded you to broaden your perspective and grow more than just a few types of produce in your garden, not just because it’s fun, but it keeps pests away too. A diverse garden is like a confusing maze for pests like snails or aphids because nothing stays the same as they move. This prevents them from settling in one place and then reproducing.

Using these methods, you can grow any kind of produce you like, without worrying that it can attract harmful bugs to your garden.

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