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Are recliners good for the back?

I have been shopping for new seats for sometime now and someone suggested that I should consider recliners. She went on to mention that those with good lumbar support lack a gap between the chair and your lower back, hence offering support. What are your thoughts on this?

I would love to have one of these, but they are quite pricey in my price standards. I prefer a rocking chair as it can relax me while the chair is rocking.

I agree with you @Rebecca that they are quite pricey, with nothing much to justify why they would be that costly. At times, I come across their discounts and offers ads but they always seem to be in so much demand.

I agree that they are pricey. It's a big investment. However, a chair like this could last easily over a decade, if it's taken care of. It might be worth the investment.

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