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I've tried many different images and I can't find one that doesn't become oddly misshapen once it's uploaded.  I'd like a gardening avatar. What dimensions I should use?

Hi Garden Gal! Sorry for the late reply.

That's a great question, have you tried using a squared photo? Try one that is between 100x100 or 200x200 (px). Our forum software is designed so that it rounds off the edges and unfortunately that means a rectangular image may end up looking oblong/oval, or even get smooshed! In the mean time, we'll be working on integrating more user-friendly features and fix the avatar problem once and for all.

I'll make sure to announce the upgrades with detailed instructions for you. Thanks for your patience. 🙂

Hello Mrs. Dee Dee, great forum and blog you have here!  You gave me a quick answer in my book and your instructions were clear as you can probably tell by my new avatar.  Thanks!

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