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Best farm animals for beginners

I have been thinking of starting out with pigs but not sure if they are the best option. I would rather have them free range than confined in a space because of the smell factor. This will also reduce the feeding expense as opposed to constantly buying them feed because they can eat compost, milk, fodder as well as anything we practically feed them. Is this a good place to start?

As a beginner, I would stay away from pigs because they can be labor intensive. Pekin ducks are a source of meat and large eggs, require little space and are also the easiest animals to raise. These ducks have a bigger appetite than chicken and apart from building them a small house, a kiddie pool to swim is often a good addition.

In my opinion, it is hard to generalize because factors like land, capital and availability of labor vary from one person to another. All the same anyone starting out can choose from goats, chicken, rabbits, honeybees or cows, depending on how much they are willing to spend.

Goats, in my opinion, are the best animal to start with as long as you have spacious grasslands for them to roam about. They propagate and grow fast so they can be sold in a short period of time. However, I would consider the local people's preference for the meat they like to eat.

Goat farming is currently considered to be a stable income source. For a beginner, it is important to get familiar with the breed types, health, vaccination and overall management. Again, you have to decide whether you want to raise them to produce meat, milk or for their skin.

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