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Best use of budget

I haven't made any changes to our family living areas in a long time.  My budget is about $1,000 and  I'm only looking to make cosmetic changes.  What's the best way to spend that money in order to have the most impact on the look and feel of our kitchen and living room?

That sounds like fun.  You can really transform a room with a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains.  If you still have left over funds, I'd buy some storage solutions like hooks, shelves, racks, bookcases, and the like.

What does either room need? A fresh coat of paint does really help. Also just rearranging the furniture would help (after you paint). I love changing the throw pillows too. There are many small things you can do.

You have another vote for a fresh coat of paint. I think it's a great idea; especially if you change the color completely (mostly in the kitchen). What about some kitchen furniture? Maybe a small sofa if you have enough space?

Quote from kittyfan on January 28, 2020, 5:53 pm

What does either room need?

There's nothing terribly wrong with either room, but they both look tired and outdated.  I'd like to add some modern touches.  I think you guys are correct about painting the rooms.  Right now they both have stark white walls and could use a bit of color.  After I finish painting I'll probably have a better idea of what else I should change.   Thanks everyone!

I think it's already clear that a fresh coat of paint would do your rooms a lot of justice, and you can also play with the various color combinations. Rearranging furniture is also a cheaper way to achieve that fresh look.

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