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Branding For Our Farm

Have you ever thought investing in branding for your farm? We are thinking about having a logo made, but we are not sure about the prices for a good logo. Where can we find a good logo that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

A logo sounds like a great idea! How have I not thought about that? I think it's really good to market your farm.We have been using social media for that, but now I am also thinking about a logo. I am not sure how to get started with that though.

We had a logo made a few years ago and it cost us around $100. A logo can cost you from $10 to literally thousands. It depends on what you want and where you look. We used a site called 99designs to get it done.

There are a lot of websites where you can order a logo. Like SarahLynn said, the prices will vary from website to website and will also depend on your requirements. I also think branding is a great idea!

Yes, there is a price range depending on the kind of logo you want and who helps design it. Branding helps set your farm apart. We came up with our design and got a little help from a graphic designer, so the overall cost was minimal.

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