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When is the best time to plant cilantro? I did some research on the internet and found conflicting information, so I am very confused. When do you plant your seeds? And also, how long does it take to harvest?

You're finding conflicting information because cilantro is fussy when it comes to temperature and light.  It's a fast growing annual, so if you live in the Southwestern part of the United States, it might be worth planting.  If  you live in the Southern part of the United States, I'd wait until spring to sow the seeds because cilantro is quick to bolt in hot weather.

Seeds are usually really cheap, so I say find a decent spot that will support your plant as it grows, throw the seeds into the ground, give them some water so the seeds can germinate, and see what happens.  Cilantro is an annual so it's not going to be long-lived anyway.  Don't bother with improving the soil or adding fertilizer where you plant it.  This way you'll have an idea of when to plant cilantro for your area without making a big investment.

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