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Clearance sales

At some point in our lives, we all fall into the trap of impulse shopping. You've also probably heard that there many opportunities to buy more and spend less throughout the year. Clearance sales happen annually or bi-annually but is it advisable to wait for these even for those items that may be urgently needed?

If I actually needed new curtains, I could find a set that fit my needs, and I had the funds, then I'd snag them in a heartbeat.  New quality curtains can help keep the temperature regulated in the house year-round, so who knows, it might shave off a tad from the electric bill.  There are other ways to save too.  For instance, Bed, Bath, and Beyond is famous for its 20% coupon.  However, if new curtains are a "want" rather than a "need", then I'd probably wait.

I somewhat agree with Garden Gal's curtain example, since those won't usually break the bank and they're generally easy to return if something is wrong.  However, if it was something more expensive like say, a lawnmower, a washing machine,or  a television, then I'd wait until it went on clearance.  It's fairly easy to identify when certain items are likely to be at their cheapest during the year and I try to time my major purchases off that.  There's really very little that's urgently needed and I'd rather just make do until there's a big sale.

If I urgently need something, I'll try to find it on sale, but if I can't, I'll buy it anyway. If I want something, then I typically wait for a sale to happen. I love the after-Christmas sales!

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