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Dealing with back pain

My body just ain't what it used to be and I find myself stooped over by the end of the day.  I need to wear my back brace when I'm bending a lot or carrying a heavy load, I'll admit as much, but I keep forgetting to put it on and only remember when my back starts hurting again.  After the damage is done, how do you soothe back pain?

Back pain can be a real nuisance but a good place to start is by maintaining the right posture because poor posture definitely puts too much strain on the back. For how long have you had this ache? You can as well avoid carrying the heavy loads but still keep exercising.

Is it possible to remove the stressor? I mean activities which depend on the strength of your back or moving heavy loads as you mentioned. Otherwise, cold packs and exercise may help. A relative used to go for physical therapy to help lessen the pain and it worked for him.

A heating pad might ease the muscle tension caused by straining your back. Like the others suggested, I would try to avoid doing the things that make your back hurt, but I know that's not always possible.

Can you set an alarm to remind yourself to put your back brace on in the morning? I set an alarm to remind myself to take my daily medication, and it really helps.

I understand what you mean Elizabeth because I have the same problem. We need to really be conscious about how we lift up things. We should always remember to use our legs to lift up things and not our backs. A good massage from the hubby is my remedy for this problem.

I have suffered from back pain for years in the past because I had an issue in one of my cervical discs. After a few physiotherapy sessions, I found that swimming helped me a lot! I highly recommend it. It's both fun and a great way to stay fit 🙂

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