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Dealing with fall leaves

It's that time of year again.  The leaves are so gorgeous when they start changing color, but it makes me cringe a bit because I know they'll soon be on the ground and I'll need to dispose of them.  It's one of my least favorite chores.  I usually wait for all the leaves to fall before I start raking them.  After that I compost them.  It usually takes a couple of weekends or so to get them all done.  What's your go-to method for collecting and disposing of the usual fall debris?

We have acres and acres of land so raking is out of the question.  We usually mow over the leaves which chops them up so they can decompose and nourish the soil.  Over many years of doing it the leaves supposedly builds up too much carbon in the soil. We haven't run into that problem yet, but when we do, we'll plant some nitrogen fixers over the area to correct the imbalance.

Leaving them to decompose sounds like a great idea, Berry Happy. I hate raking as well, so I will definitely consider your technique to save time and effort, thanks!

I know what you mean. Raking up all the leaves and moving them where you want them is a ton of work! Thankfully I have a couple of kids to help me! Of course, half the time, they're goofing off, but they do help some.

It is easier to do the raking if the leaves are falling on a small area of land. If you've got acres of land, @berry-happy's method is the best. I had no idea that leaves build up a lot of carbon in the soil over time! I guess it would be best o collect and dump them at a central point, though this could be tasking as well.

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