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Someone told me I should declaw my cat to avoid furniture damage, but I really don't want to put her through that. What do you guys think about declawing?

It's horrible.  The surgeon literally cuts off the first joints on each paw.   It's incredibly painful and if your cat ever gets outside and away from you, the poor thing will be defenseless against predators and it won't be able to hunt either.  Declawing is actually illegal in some countries.

Is your cat tearing up your furniture now?  I ask because not all cats do that, but it seems to be a widely believed stereotype.  If it is happening, try redirection and deterrence.  A good cat tree with carpet and sisal to scratch on is a great way to redirect your cat's attention.  You can put some double sided tape on your couch around the areas your cat scratches as a deterrence.

Declawing really is horrible. It's like if a doctor were to cut all your fingers right above the first joint. The procedure and recovery are painful for the kitty. Some kitties are in pain for life afterward.

You can deter your cat from scratching your furniture by giving him lots of scratching posts to use instead. Make sure you reward him or praise him when he uses the scratching posts instead. He will learn that the furniture is not the place to sharpen his claws.

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