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Different meaningful activities

We all appreciate that it is important to spend time together as a family but then each family member tends to have their own enjoyable activity. For instance, I love camping and adventure in the woods but not everyone appreciates that kind of activity. How do you strike that balance?

We try to find common ground in our family. For instance, we all enjoy going swimming. My kids love to go camping and so does my husband, but it's not really my thing. So, I'll go camping with them occasionally. Other times, we'll do something I like but my husband isn't too fond of. We try to compromise so that everyone gets their way some of the time and everyone is relatively happy.

Finding common ground is a good way to look at this. For instance, some of our family members don't like camping so every time we are out, others sleep in the tents while those who don't fancy it will sleep in the rooms. It has worked well for us over the years.

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