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Discounts for friends/family

Do you offer discounts for your friends and family?  If so, how big of a discount do they receive?  I feel like it's almost expected among my crowd.

It is hard not to offer a discount to people who are close to you, so I do this sometimes. It would be unfair for people to expect special treatment just by being known to you. Do you always offer discounts @survive-thrive?

For close family, I'll give them stuff at cost if I'm the one making it/doing it.  I don't give discounts to distant family or friends.  If I gave discounts to everyone I know, I wouldn't be able to stay in business.

Well, speaking strictly as a buyer, I never expect discounts from family or friends.  I expect great service, but not a discount or freebies.  My best friend does my hair and I tip her three times the amount I'd tip someone else.  She's my friend and I want her to succeed.

I agree with you @Elizabeth that if we were to give discounts to everyone, then we wouldn't sustain our businesses. There are a few people who will always expect special discounts but as a businessperson, finding a way to manage them is important.

I give discounts to vendors and other business owners that I've worked with in the past.  Anywhere from 10% to 20% usually.  It's kind of a quid pro quo arrangement.  I barter with them as well and am happy to do that.  Family gets free shipping.  I don't give discounts to friends.  I will donate some of my goods to a good cause or a friend in need though.

I like your approach @berry-happy especially to business owners because that is the same treatment you get from them. From now on, I will be offering free shipping to family members who frequently buy stuff from me.

Sometimes. But usually they don’t accept such discounts. They understand how difficult it is to own a farm business. I believe if your family and friends understand, they don’t ask for discounts.

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