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Do you do your hair by yourself?

I’m basically too lazy to go to a salon. I want to learn how to do my hair in a better way so that I don’t need to go to a salon. Do you guys do or cut your hair by yourself or do you get someone else to do it for you?

I have a friend who always does her hair, just because she has a passion and interest. Knowing how busy she can get at times, I always ask her how she manages to create time for her hair. I spend a lot of time in the salon, though I would love to do this on my own.

I have nothing against going to the salon, but styling your hair can make you even more attractive. It is a great way to bring out your personality once you identify the best style. The amount of work required to work on your hair will also depend on its length and texture.

I go to the salon for hair cuts, but I've been coloring my own hair at home for years. It is cheaper and faster. I'd be too scared to cut my own hair - I would be afraid I'd cut a big chunk off by accident.

If I need a complicated hair cut, I go to the salon. Other than that, I trim my hair myself. I also dye and style it myself and have been doing so for years now. YouTube is your friend; you will find lots of tutorials there 🙂

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