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Do you grow your plants according to their colours?

So recently I saw some gardens which are very well decorated. I can tell the owner has paid attention to the colours of different plants, like the red and pink flowers are planted over there and blue are on the other side etc. I wonder if you guys also grow your plants according to their colours as well. I just think it looks very pretty when the colours are organised.

I like the way it looks too, but I don't have enough land to get fancy.  Instead of going for a cohesive look, I try to maximize my harvest by planting whatever will grow the most food in that particular spot.  If I had more space I'd try to make things look better though.

We run a side business on our farm that includes wedding receptions, photography, and things like that.  I've planted flowers and other greenery with that in mind in several locations.  It's not just about the color though.  Size matters a great deal and it looks odd to see one tiny plant next to a huge one.  At least in my opinion.  I think water features add a great deal to the look as well.

No color scheme for me, I just plant what I like and I put the seeds where I think the flowers will look best and fit within that space.   I do put shade loving flowers and sun loving flowers in the right spots.  Sometimes, though the plants grow much larger than I expected and overshadow the flowers around them.  I guess I'm not good at picturing what something will grow to look like just from reading the back of a seed packet.

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