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Does your garden have the 'everlasting' flowers?

The term is just beautiful, isn't it? I like how these 'everlasting' flowers keep their colors and shape after drying. It seems like quite a potential business to get into, especially if you enjoy working with flowers.

I'm intrigued by the idea, @Cherry88, but I'm not familiar with these flowers.  From googling I believe you're talking about the group of flowers in the sunflower family.  Is that correct?  I think you're right that it could be a good business idea.

@induethyme Well, you're not entirely wrong. The ones called everlasting flowers are usually strawflower and statice. Some people also consider lavender and hydrangea as everlasting. Since they are colorful fresh or dry, gardens generally light up regardless of the seasons. We can also process them further to better preserve the colors and sell them as decorations.

Oh, we are all about…