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Dust bathing for pheasants

My pheasants won't use the dust bathing area that I made for them.  My plan is to create a new bathing spot in a better location.  I'm also going to use different materials to create the dust.  I added diatomaceous earth to the mix last time  and I think that's what made them reject it.  What works best for pheasants and other game birds?

I can't say that I've raised pheasants, but I have turkeys and chickens and they seem to love a mix of sand and dirt.  I've seen a few different concoctions in my time.  If I were you, I'd just watch them to see what materials they sought out.

I haven't made them a specific area to dust bathe, but they're free roaming during the day and they seem to gravitate towards the wood ash we dump outside.  We use our fireplace often so we have a large ash pile.

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