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Essential Oils to Help You Sleep

After a hard day's work on the farm, you'd think I'd fall right to sleep at night, but I've been having trouble falling asleep lately. I know that lavender essential oil is supposed to be good for helping you relax and fall asleep. Do you all know if there are other essential oils I should try as well?

Hey @Carol, have you been able to first figure out what could be causing the insomnia? That would provide a longer lasting solution. Either way, valerian, sweet marjoram and bergamot are other essential oils that you can try out. The use of scents for relaxation to the mind has proved to be very effective, over time.

Chamomile is also a great essential oil for calming your mind, which could help you fall asleep better. You can use it as an essential oil or you can drink it in a tea before you sleep. I really like having a mug of hot tea before I sleep. I find it very relaxing.

Essential oils can help us relax, but not necessarily help us to sleep. I sometimes experience this problem. My solution to this problem is to read a book. I become sleepy when my eyes become so tired.

I have never heard that essential oils could help you sleep. However, I definitely know that chamomile tea can help you relax and makes you drowsy.

I don't usually use essential oils but I also agree that they works well, according to my family. Though what works the best for me is drinking some milk before I sleep. It's my habit.

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