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Does everyone here use fertilizers? We have never used fertilizers on our crops, but we recently started thinking that maybe it would be a good idea.

Is it safe?

I don't use a fertilizer, but I'm just a home gardener rather than a commercial grower.  I make compost at home and I rotate my garden to another part of my land every two years.  It allows the soil to rest and build itself back up.  I've found that to be enough for my purposes.

Some fertilizers are safer than others and it's one of those things with tons of options to pick from. Some people will adamantly disagree about which is best.  If you wanted to work on your soil fertility this coming winter you could plant a cover crop, then allow it to wither and die before plowing it back into the soil.  It's often referred to as green manure if you want to do some research about it.

Yep, I do.  I use a mix of cover crops, compost tea, and manure from the livestock on our homestead.  We don't use any herbicides on our homestead at all, so the livestock aren't grazing on it.   You asked about safety and herbicide-laced manure can destroy your garden and affect the bees in no time.  It can seep into your vegetables too.  It's also better to hot compost your manure first in order to kill any possible parasite eggs.  Plus, spreading fresh manure anywhere just makes the whole area reek.

Do you have a traditional compost pile already?  I don't mean manure, but just a pile of compost with brown and green kitchen waste, yard waste, and paper products.  If so, you can make compost tea and water your plants with it for an extra boost of nutrients.

We use certain types of fertilizers, yes. The key is to know which ones are safe and which ones aren't. I also agree that compost could be an even better option for you.

I don't really like fertilizers, although we kind of have to use them sometimes. I prefer compost and other natural solutions instead. Make sure you know what is in the fertilizer before using it.

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