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Frequency of Eating Out

How often does your family eat out? I know that this subject will be as diverse as the financial status of each family. With my family, we go out every month after my husband gets his salary every end of the month. We only eat out at our local restaurants because eating out in a fancy restaurant would be impractical for us.

We only eat out occasionally. Besides the distance between my place and my parents, the other factor that deters from doing that is that my parents' house is far from the town. My mom cooks delicious food, so I would prefer her cooking than from a restaurant.

I'm a single gal and I eat out pretty often.  Sometimes it's just fast food and other times it's at a sit down restaurant.  We eat out together at work for most lunches as well.  I don't think I spend much more than I would if I cooked for myself.  When I tried cooking at home and taking my lunches to work, I wasted a lot of food and I missed out on information and opportunities that I would've picked up otherwise.

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