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Frugal failures

Over the years I've tried many tips and tricks for living frugally.  Sadly, sometimes my attempt is a great big failure and I'm never sure if it was me or if the tip was just a terrible idea.  What have been some of your frugal failures and what do you think happened?

I thought I could save money by doing all of our washing by hand in one of those old fashioned tubs. I used a ringer to get the water out as best I could and then I hung the laundry on the line to dry. I thought I'd save oodles of money this way and it was better for the environment. Unfortunately, I underestimated how arduous and tedious the task would be and how often I'd have to do it if my kids were going to stay clean. I wasted money on the supplies and it was a big frugal failure.

We wash our clothes by hand when we're camping and I actually find it soothing.  Maybe it's the rhythm of it or something.  I wouldn't want to do it all the time and it doesn't get our clothes as clean as the washing machine can.

I went through a period where I made our clothing in order to save money.  The sewing machine wasn't cheap, but I considered it an investment.  What I didn't think about was the price of fabric, patterns, and notions.  There are ways to save on these supplies, of course, but the clothes are incredibly cheap off the rack too  That's especially true if you shop the sales.

Raising livestock via the zero grazing style.  It was a disaster.  The animals were sick and miserable and so were the people.  The experiment didn't last long and I felt foolish for trying it in the first place.

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