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I use a lot of ginger in my food and also for tea and other stuff, but sometimes it can get expensive to buy it every time. I would like to have a shot at planting it but I have no idea how to get started with it.

Does anyone have any experience planting ginger?

I haven't tried it because my growing zone makes it unlikely to work and I don't want to bother with growing it inside the house.  Ginger is a tropical plant.  I don't think it will survive frost.  I bet it would be easy to grow indoors though.  Most rhizomes are simple to care for once you get them going.

If you have a space to spare for the ginger plant, then go for it. I suppose we need a spacious area for this plant to propagate its roots. We can grow the plant in a pot, but it might not produce the root size we needed. You might as well buy your ginger if your plant doesn't provide the needed ginger.

I have not personally tried to grow ginger myself, but I think it is pretty easy to grow inside. You'll want to plant a ginger root. Before planting it, you should soak it in some water overnight. Ginger grows best somewhere warm that doesn't get a lot of bright light. Good luck!

I like ginger tea so I would love to have my own ginger plant. I think room temperature would be suitable for a ginger plant to grow, as long as the sun can shine on it and a large pot for it to grow.

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