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Good friendships harder today

I have friends, but it's mostly just work buddies and old friends from college.  I'm not sure if it's just because I'm getting older now and other women my age are busy with their kids and spouse (I'm single and childless) or if technology has changed the way we communicate so it's just tougher to forge good friendships.  Has anyone else noticed this?  How do you go about forming strong friendships as an adult today?

I think people your age are just busier than ever.  To me it seems like there's more expectations lumped on you guys by your employers with getting called in last minute and having to answer work calls and respond to emails after hours. That makes meeting up harder for many people.  I know not every job is like that, but many seem to be.  I have a demanding career too, but I think it's easier to manage when you're older and already established.

Well, over the years, I have distanced myself from friends who weren't genuine. I now know that some friendships are merely based on convenience, especially those in the workplace. I have no apologies for having a small circle because I have promised myself to be sincere and cordial to my friends.

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