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Grooming tools you swear by

Which grooming tools are part of your must-have arsenal?  Here's what I favor:

dogs and cats with long fur - FURminator

dogs and cats with short fur - Zoom Groom

goats -sturdy water bucket to soften hooves before trimming and Tail Tamer brush

I can't live without my FURminator.  It does a great job of removing the undercoat.  I also love my slicker brush but I'm not brand specific on that one.  I use unscented Earthbath Grooming Wipes because they're organic and they do a great job of moving dirt and dandruff between baths.

This is one area that I'm really not fussy about.  I grab whatever is on sale to clean and groom my livestock and my dogs have fur that's more similar to human hair so I use a regular hairbrush and comb on them.  My kitties are short-haired cats so it's a roller brush for them.  I don't enter my animals in any shows or I could understand paying more to keep them looking nice.  Now I just groom for their health and comfort.

My cat has short fur, and she does a good job of grooming herself. I do have a cat comb I use to brush her once a week or so, though. It helps get the loose fur off her so she isn't likely to get as many hairballs.

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