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Has anyone ever set up a frog pond?

You know I was talking to a friend of me and she joked and told me that if I kept seeing frogs in my yard, it was probably time to build a frog pond and they would come in their numbers. Later on I kept wondering about the role that frogs play in an ecosystem?

I wouldn't do it personally, even though the frogs help a lot in minimizing the insects in our garden. My main concern if there were too many frogs in our garden is that it will also attract snakes because the frog is one of the main foods of snakes.

Did you see this blog post, @Laura?  Sometimes I get so wrapped up chatting in  the forum that I forget that the blog here is also a great resource.  It's terrible that many frog species are in decline and that their habitat is being threatened.  We still have yet to learn that we have to share the planet with other creatures.  Since the frogs are already there, you  might as well do what you can for them.  The snakes are already probably aware that there's a frog buffet in  your yard.  And in turn, the snakes' predators will soon figure out that there's a snake buffet to dine on.  It's the circle of life and all that.

@Sandy, I'm not afraid of snakes, either but at least they eat mice.  Rats and mice really gross me out.

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