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How do you manage your coupons?

Coupons are one of the best tricks to save our time and money, but I haven't been able to manage them effectively. It feels like there are always details I overlook. How do you usually handle your coupons for the best shopping session?

I used to cut mine out each week and file them in a binder with plastic inserts so I could easily carry all of my coupons to the store with me.  I thought this method would make it easier to find the coupons that I needed while shopping and that it would help maximize my savings.  I found it was a ton of work though, and it wasn't long before I abandoned the practice.  Now, I just file my inserts by date.   I don't clip any of the coupons beforehand.  I follow a local coupon blog and the writer lists which coupons will work with each stores' sales that week.   It's easy to pull out my inserts and clip only the coupons that I'll be taking with me that week.  I don't save as much money, but I still manage to save quite a bit and it's less time intensive.

I go by the dates as well. I check the coupons for the next week or two every few days, so I can plan out my shopping session, but I still forget to do it sometimes and the coupons expire without being used. Having some kind of a reminder will probably help, so I wonder if those blogs you mention will do the trick for me. I'll give it a try.

I mostly use digital coupons because they're free and easy to use.  Most stores have their own digital coupons that you can upload to your loyalty card.  I also use digital coupons from the websites at Saving Star and Every Day Saver.  The savings typically come off automatically when I check out so it's a no muss, no fuss way to save money.

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