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How Safe Is Fresh Milk?

I'm afraid to drink unpasteurized milk because of the chemicals in the feeds we give to our cows. If the cows were fed with only grass, is it safe to drink the fresh cow's milk?

We hardly drink any raw milk now probably because of getting used to the taste of pasteurized milk but growing up, we used to drink milk straight from the cows without ever falling sick. I think it is safe as long as the cows don't get into contact with contaminated feeds.

Quote from laura on June 25, 2019, 11:04 am

I think it is safe as long as the cows don't get into contact with contaminated feeds.

This is the problem because we don't know exactly if the cow is sick unless we check the milk in the laboratory for dangerous chemicals. I haven't tasted fresh milk directly from the cow's udder. Is the taste similar to the pasteurized milk?

Personally, I drink pasteurized organic milk.  Raw milk is having a movement, and it probably is okay if you don't have any immunity issues.  Still, I'm not about to take my chances.  It seems silly when science has given us a solution via  pasteurization.  Having said that, raw goats milk is supposedly safer than raw cows milk because goats have drier manure.  I'd only consider drinking it from my own goat (if I had one) because I'd know the state of its health.

I do know some people drink fresh milk from cows. But I consider it to be rather dangerous. If you have been drinking raw milk since small, then you might have become more immuned but if you are not, it's pretty dangerous to try in my opinion.

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