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How To Remove Aphids?

My plants are growing quite well until the aphids came. I don't like to spray my plants with pesticide as I wanted to grow them organically as much as possible. Do you have any ideas on an organic pesticide to deal with the aphids?

If there aren't many aphids, pick them off by hand or cut away the offending parts.  It might be best to cut if you can because the sticky stuff they leave behind tends to develop into sooty mold and it can attract ants.  Another option is to use some insecticidal soap since it's an organic method for pest control.  Just spray your plant while it's not in direct sun.  I'm surprised you have aphids crawling around this time of year.  Our climate has changed drastically and it's hard to keep up.

I stumbled upon an interesting piece of research that discovered that out of the over four thousand species of aphids that exist, only about 250 are considered harmful to crops. I concur with @Elizabeth about physically removing them in cases where the infestation is minor. Other methods that have been proven to work include spraying them off with the application of a garden hose (water pressure), using neem oil and/or introducing beneficial/predator insects like the ladybird or ladybug beetle.

Thanks for the advice. I tried spraying from a concoction of chili and black pepper powder. This was suggested to me by a friend and pretty well, although some part of the plant is beyond help.

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