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Huge Appetite After Quitting Smoking

I quit smoking a couple of months ago, and I still feel the urge to overeat. Does anyone here have experience with quitting? How long does it take to start eating normally again?

I don't really mind the few extra pounds as long as I don't smoke again, but I am a bit worried about it to be honest.

My sister quit a few years ago and she had the same problem with her appetite. I don't remember how long it lasted, but eventually she went back to her normal eating habits. I would suggest you try to eat some healthy snacks instead of unhealthy stuff. Also, starting a new healthy habit could help you. Have you thought of maybe joining a gym?

First of all, congratulations! I have been wanting to quit for so long, but haven't been able to kick the habit. Did you go cold turkey or was it gradual?

It's really brave to quit, so tap yourself on the shoulder for that! In my case, the appetite increase lasted about 3 weeks, then I was back to normal. I had to stop myself from eating anything and everything though, so it wasn't easy. Just give yourself time and try to resist the temptation.

Woot, woot!  Way to go, SarahLynn.  That's so awesome!

I've never smoked, but I've tried giving up other bad habits and each time I did it led to overeating.  It eventually got better once I figured out the pattern that I was reaching for food when I'd be feeling anxious and stressed.  I learned to step outside for a few minutes and focus on my breathing instead.  It helped ground me.  I also created list of possible solutions for whatever was upsetting me at the time.  It was a good way create healthier coping skills and build up my resiliency.  So maybe figuring out your pattern will help you stop it.

I have never smoked before, but just as @berry-happy says, we tend to find something to do after overcoming an addiction, and most of us resort to overeating. Try coming up with a fitness regime because soon, you will probably reduce your portions.

I've never been a smoker, so I don't have any personal experience with this, but I do know that nicotine suppresses the appetite. I am guessing your body will adjust, but it will take some time. Try snacking on some fruits and vegetables or other low-calorie things.

I really commend you for quitting. I have friends who have quit, and I know it is tremendously difficult.

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