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Making A Proper Compost

How do we make a proper compost? I tried making one by burying the fruit peelings and leftover food that we have on a plot. I planted some seedlings on top of that plot, but the seedlings don't grow as I expected because they wither after some time. What did I do wrong?

Make sure your compost pile is balanced with green and brown waste. Green waste is moist material, such as fruits and vegetables while brown waste is dry material, such as old newspapers, wood shavings, and dry leaves. Each type of material serves a purpose in the compost pile, so it's important to maintain a balance between the two. Maybe that will help your compost pile.

I agree with @Myra about having equal amounts of green and brown waste so as to keep the compost healthy. It is also important to note that compost needs moisture and oxygen without which it can start rotting. Ensure to sprinkle water from time-to-time.

Thanks @Myra for the tips. Composting is something I am yet to try because somehow it has always grossed me out to be honest LOL. I really need to get over this and try it 😀

How do we know if the compost is balanced? What happens when we have too much green waste over brown waste or the opposite? And why is it that compost is warm?

I've never heard of having equal amounts of brown and green materials in your compost pile.  Usually the ratio is 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1.  In short, you typically need more brown materials than green.  Composting doesn't have to be an exact science.  You'll know your ratios are off by its smell, temperature, and moisture content.  If you notice lots of mold, it smells sour, or you notice it's holding too much moisture, you'll need to add brown materials.  Compost piles smell bad, I don't care what anyone else says I find the scent unpleasant, but one that has too many green materials absolutely reeks.  If your compost isn't heating up, you need to add more green materials. If it's getting too hot, add green materials.  Some people check with a thermometer and some just guess.  Compost heats up as a result of the organisms breaking down the matter.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I've experimented on the ratio of the brown and green wastes and I find it fun to do this because it reminded of my experiments when I was still in school. I guess there is no specific ratio because I have to check the types of soil I use and not necessarily the compost that will help the plants to grow.

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