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I heard about an Adopt-a-Hive program in Michigan where someone will help you learn how to beekeep. You have to rent the hive and buy supplies, but the bees and teaching are provided. I wish we had a program like that here.

Have any of you mentored a younger or less experienced farmer before? I'd love to share my knowledge with someone who could use it!

@carol, I bet a local 4H group could point you in the right direction.   We teach survival classes to kids and host a summer camp, but those are paid for experiences rather than mentorships.  Our business should do more volunteer work really.

I would love to join such a program since I have a keen interest in beekeeping. I have not mentored anyone to this magnitude before, but I keep on sharing knowledge to a few friends who are just getting started.

I have never done that, but I would really love to. The problem with working on a farm full time is that I can't even find time for hobbies; let alone mentoring someone.

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