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Milking Cows by Hand or Machine?

Do you all milk your cows by hand or use a milking machine? I have six cows, and I do milk them regularly. It's a bit difficult to keep up sometimes, so I'm wondering if it would be wise to invest in a milking machine. They are expensive, but it may save me some valuable time, too. What do you all think?

A milking machine is so much quicker and in my experience you get more milk that way.  I've seen some DIY instructions for building your own if cost is a factor, but I've never tried building one myself.  But yeah, I think milking machines are very much worth the investment if you have more than one cow.

Indeed, farmers have hand-milked for centuries. Don't you love the peaceful rhythm that comes with milking every day? You also end up developing an affectionate relationship with your cow. On the other hand, milk is usually cleaner when you milk by machine. Apart from the cost, the number of animals will help determine the best option.

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