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Picking mushrooms

While I am picking mushrooms at this time of the year, I wonder if you guys have any preferences for mushrooms? Personally I like Chanterelle. They taste really good.

Going on forays with friends for wild mushrooms is one of my favorite hobbies. The challenge is in positively identifying the edible ones. I love the Portabello variety.

Maitake mushrooms are easy to find here and they are super nutritious.  I think they're one of the easiest edible wild mushrooms to identify.  We teach a foraging class as part of our survival lineup and most folks can find these pretty easily (though we caution to have a knowledgeable forager look it over before the finder eats it, lest they consume something poisonous).

I love picking mushrooms too, but my fear makes me assume that any type growing in the yard is dangerous. For all I know, those mushrooms with warts, white instead of brown gills and scales, could be poisonous.

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