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Pilling a Cat?

My cat needs to take an antibiotic for 10 days for an infection. The vet had some of these pill pockets, so I bought some, but she doesn't like them. I've been giving her the pill by just tossing it in her mouth and getting her to swallow, but this is no fun for either of us. I was wondering if you all knew an easier way to give a cat a pill?

I use Greenie's chicken flavored pill pockets.  My cat loves them.  Maybe try wrapping the pill in cheese if the pill pockets don't work.  I hope your cat is doing okay, Collette.

Oh, that's not a good feeling, is it. This might not help you now, but next time ask the vet to give the cat a shot of antibiotics instead.  It's usually doable.

I have had the same problem with every cat I have ever had in the past and with my current one too. I tried hiding the pills inside their favorite food, but it just won't work. I guess the only way is to force her to swallow it.

I feel bad for the poor kitty but it is necessary to make sure she gets the pills. I agree with Megs though; can't you have your vet give her an injection instead?

It's hard when you have to medicate a pet. They fight you and don't understand you are doing it for their good. Maybe next time you could ask the vet for a medication in liquid form. It might be easier to get into her.

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