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Rearing stingless bees

A beekeeping project seems like a great idea although I have heard that stingless native bees produce small amounts of honey. Is there any other disadvantage with the other type of honeybees except that they can actually sting?

The main disadvantage is their sting. Since their stingers are barbed, their stingers stay in the skin, releasing venom and causing more pain than other types of bee stings might. They only sting when they feel threatened, though.

I'll say you are braver than I am. I am terrified of bees and would never attempt to rear them! I wish you the best of luck if you decide to try it.

I am as terrified as you are @Myra and much as I got a lot of bee stings as a young child, rearing them in the near future is a huge prospect. When they are reared, they rarely leave the hive(s), and even when they do, they hardly wander towards the human population, or do they? Provocation is what anyone should avoid, at all costs.

I've heard that the Brazil's stingless bees generally produce more than the European counterparts, but I suppose that also depends on how we design the environment and harvesting system. Even if we can only get a moderate amount of honey for every period, it means a lot to consistently produce quality honey and be safe while doing it.

Oh, we are all about…